CMYK Series: Magenta

The CMYK series from Vannen is an appreciative nod to printmakers and graphic designers. This classic matte magenta watch features a unique dial design that mixes traditional index markings with printers registration marks, giving it the simplicity to be worn with anything and the detail to be appreciated up close.

Wrist: Med-Large. 8.5 inches Max. Crystal: Plastic. Flat.
Movement: 3 Hand Japanese Quartz. Buckle: Plastic, Matte Magenta.
Dial: 34.8mm, Matte and Glossy Magenta. Loop: Plastic, Matte Magenta.
Case: 43mm, Plastic, Matte Magenta. Straps: 22mm Wide, Matte Plastic

Water resistant up to 10 meters / 30 feet. Limited 90-Day Warranty.

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