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What do you love about Vannen Watches? Is it our designs? The price of our watches? The compliments you get? Take a few moments to let us know why you're Vannen fan using the message section of this page, and for your loyalty, your kind words, and your all-around awesomeness we’ll give you a coupon code for 15% off your next purchase here at VannenWatches.com. We're in this together, so if you tell us your story, it will help us tell ours. Thanks!

"Vannen is unlike any other company"

Vannen is a great company for a few different reasons. Firstly, the customer service they provide is superb. They treat their customers unlike any other company. Vannen makes sure that all customers are taken care of and they make it a priority. Which brings me to my next point: the pricing. Their pricing is so low compared to other watch companies. The quality of Vannen watches is as good or even better than Nixon, the watches are limited edition, and they always team up with amazing artists and musicians.

Marco Roman / Los Angeles, CA 

"You can't go wrong with Vannen"

I've been collecting watches for a long time, and Vannen is a company like no other. Vannen Watches are one-of-a-kind, and they come in amazing packaging. Vannen's customer service is flawless, and they always deliver on time. They treat their customers like family, and it's like Christmas every time I get a box from Vannen. I love my 16 Vannen Watches, and I'm always excited to add more to my collection.

Unlike other watches that get pushed off an assembly line by the thousands, Vannen makes limited edition timepieces, so when they're sold out, they're SOLD OUT. Plus, with every Vannen Watch purchase, they always give out free goodies. You simply can't go wrong with Vannen. It's the only watch I wear. I laugh at people wearing Rolexes and all those other overpriced timepieces because when they see my Vannen Watch, they do a double-take and say, "Damn, that's a great watch!" Simply put: there's no other watch company like Vannen on this planet. You can bet your sweet tush on that. LONG LIVE VANNEN!

Darren Buggs / Brooklyn, NY

"You won't be disappointed"

This is going to be harder than expected. Why? Well, anything I say probably has been said before. It's not easy being original when writing what all customers already think. Plain and simple, they're awesome, great, and so on. Don't get me wrong, not just the watches themselves, but also the customer service, who are really fast and easy to work and deal with. 

If for any reason, you think there's no motive to trust me, trust the many artists, bands and/or musicians that use VANNEN! I'm talking about punk bands like The Descendents, Bad Religion, Against Me! and many others. Plus they're all limited editions, and numbered, making them even more special to own and wear.

I dare you all to give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

Guille G. de la Cruz / Gijon, Spain  

"Like it was made just for you"

From the first time I visited the Vannen Watches website, it became somewhat of an obsession. Every watch that I saw was special and unique in its own way. The way each of the watch faces had a design based on an artist's work was just so intriguing. I happened to stumble upon Vannen when looking to purchase some prints from artist/designer Ty Mattson and found that he had a Dexter watch and that it was made by Vannen. When I saw how much detail and craftsmanship had been put into the watch, I knew I had to have it. 

Being a watch lover and enthusiast myself, my collection has grown extensively with the many masterpieces that I have purchased from Vannen. Each and every watch is made with such care that you know it's going to feel like it was made just for you. Another thing to love about Vannen is the speedy delivery. I will always be a dedicated fan and customer of Vannen Watches and I can't wait to see what they come up with in the future. 

Tony Rodriguez / Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 

"Vannen supports artists"

My Vannen Watches love story began when my friend Brian introduced me to the brand. Brian had managed to snag one of the signed, original The Walking Dead "Walkers" watches. Initially, I didn’t really pay any attention to it and just dismissed it as a neat collectible. Flash forward a couple months when the watch I previously wore broke and Brian gave me his Vannen "Walkers 1.0" watch to wear until I found a replacement, and that’s when I really started to appreciate the Vannen brand. The most notable thing about Vannen Watches is how lightweight they are. I really started to notice the quality and uniqueness of the design. The knob that sets the time even had a little zombie face etched into it and that is something I’ve never seen repeated on other watches.

After spending some time with Brian’s watch I decided I needed my own. Right about the time I was looking to buy my own, Vannen released their first Regular Show watch. I love Regular Show and the “Mordecai and the Rigbys” watch was my first purchase.  The price was reasonable, shipping was fast, and the watch arrived in great condition. Once again, I found myself impressed with the lightweight, unique design of the watch, a small Mordecai face etched into the knob, and to my surprise a discount code for my next purchase and some stickers! That really cemented me into being a fan of Vannen Watches. I currently own 12 different Vannen Watches.

I love that Vannen supports artists and gives them an opportunity to showcase their work in such a creative, non-conventional ways! I find myself getting compliments and questions about the different watches I wear at work, in stores, and when hanging out with friends. I also love Vannen's "Lucky bags". I’ve gotten two so far, and have not been disappointed in any of them, they are well worth the money.

I also love that Vannen is so involved in social media. They are always posting fun, creative stuff, and really respond to their fans and that makes me feel a real connection with the brand that other companies just don’t have. I really enjoy following their news section on the website and learning what other people with similar interests are into.  I truly believe the Vannen brand will continue to grow and impress me in ways I can’t imagine. 

James Dillard Young / Chattanooga, TN

"Vannen is real as ever"

I've been a punk rock lover for 21 years and a nerd for 22.  Two or three years ago, I stumbled across a picture of The Descendents "Cool To Be You" watch, but to my dismay, after a frantic search, the watches were sold out.  Luckily, I got the word through social media that David Stowe (Vannen owner) found a few more of the watches and put them up for grabs. I was lucky to snag one, and since then, I've bought and received more Vannen watches than I could probably wear in my lifetime.  I only wear a few though since they look so pretty in the box! They are truly collector's items!

David and Vannen have always seemed to know exactly what the kids want, but they remain humble enough to appreciate a strong fan base and a rabid ring of collector nerds. Customer service: top notch. Communication: on point. Promos and advertising: modest yet effective. Personality: real as ever.

I got a chance to meet David and crew a few months ago at the Filmage: The Story of Descendents/ALL screening they put on with Mark Hoppus of Blink 182.  David was so genuine, and the passion for his work confirmed what I had already suspected based on the products and presentation that I love.

Caleb Hoagland / Santa Ana, CA

"Vannen is something more"

Growing up as the middle child wasn't easy anyone who fits into that bracket knows exactly what I mean. I remember in the early-to-mid '90s, I would religiously wear my older brother's clothes. When I moved from Brooklyn to New Jersey there weren't any assists from my brother's closet so I adopted my own sense of style as a result. What more can I say? I love a good timepiece, but Vannen is something more than that. They're sort of like a painting on a wrist. Customer service exceeds expectations. If you ever missed out a concert or a signing for that matter, you just may find yourself purchasing a watch and getting just that. They say you can't make up for lost time, but we all can now because Vannen found a way to bridge that gap. 

Michael H. Johnson / Brooklyn, New York 

"Best Watch company ever"

The quality of their products is incredible, and their support of artists and musicians makes for unique watches. But I really want to emphasize this: Vannen's customer service is unmatched. I broke one of my Vannen Watches, and unfortunately for me, the watch long since sold out and not replaceable. I was really bummed, so I emailed Vannen and see if it was repairable. David responded so quickly! They told me to mail it in so he could take a look at it. Within a week, the watch showed up on my doorstep, good as new. No charge! I couldn't believe it. I will be a customer forever, and I recommend Vannen Watches to anybody.

Josh Dorius / Draper, UT 

"Amazing customer service"

I first became aware of Vannen Watches when one of my favorite bands, The Descendents, announced they were collaborating with the company for a few pieces. The Descendents have always had very specific and brilliant merchandise and this did not change with the Vannen x Descendents products.

The Descendents "Timeage" watch is smart, cool, and very nice to look at. The main features are the distinctive "Milo" logo on the face and the small "Milo" logo engraved into the crown, which my favorite detail of the watch. The overall design of the watch is great. It looks amazing. It's robust and also very light.

Recently I posted a photo of my watch online. Vannen contacted me saying my straps looked worn sent me a free set of replacement straps. This was appreciated and amazing customer service. The fact that they are online checking out customers photos and keeping up to date with posts about their watches is great.

Jawn McClenaghan / Glasgow, Scotland