A Message from Vannen

We're making changes to keep costs down, but in dong so we need your help.

Since we started back in 2008, Vannen has heavily relied on good old word-of-mouth and social media to promote our brand. It's been our only way of connecting with people and, most importantly, keeping our watches affordable.

Recently, things have gotten a bit tough. The social media landscape has changed drastically, and we find ourselves having to invest heavily in paid promotions just to reach a small portion of our followers. Even with all our efforts, the algorithms make it impossible to reach you.

If we resort to paid promotions, it means passing on the expense to you by increasing the prices of our watches. It's a situation we want to avoid, but we also can't risk going out of business. As part of our effort to keep things affordable, we've already made a change by switching from hard plastic packaging to our new, environmentally-friendly cardstock packaging, just like the one you recently received.

Now, here's where you come in. When you have time, please take a photo or shoot a quick video of your new watch and post it on your favorite social platforms. Whether it's with your friends or strangers, your contribution goes a long way in spreading the word about our small business.

We genuinely appreciate your support. Thank you for helping us keep our watches accessible to everyone who values them.




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