Jon Snodgrass & His Buddies 7in (clear)

Limited to 100 copies on clear vinyl w white splatter. (Only 30 available at Vannen.)

Side A: Vannen, The Friend
Side B: Destroyers of Sleep

Jon Snodgrass: guitar and vocals
Miles Stevenson: bonus vocals
Billy Stevenson: drums, bass, and mix
Frank Turner: commentator

Mastered by: Conor Sisk
Artwork: Cory Toomey and Chris Shary


From Jon:

I wrote about 52 little jingles in 2020. They were ALL pretty much written in the time it takes to play the song. That was kinda the rule. Don’t be too precious about any of it. Have fun. Enlist pals and make little gifts for people.

I’m not really a solo artist. I like to play with different people. I’m lucky to do fun stuff w/ people I admire & are actual buddies of mine. This time, Bill Stevenson, Miles Stevenson & I recorded songs for David Stowe & The Toomey Family as a gift. In turn, they did the art and layout for this 7in along w/ Chris Shary. Perfect dudes to ask because we were ALL already friends w/ each other, on our own. 

Anyhow, The TOOMEYS run “Destroyers Of Sleep” where they teach kids to draw! & DAVID has the “VANNEN” watch company, which as we say in the song, means THE FRIEND... and that is the whole concept of this release - do what you like w/ people you like. Cuz, it’s a short life. & be nice.

“Good Vibes”✌️⚾️ 

-Jon Snodgrass 

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