October 25, 2016

VIDEO: FILMAGE Afterparty w/ ALL (featuring Chad Price & Scott Reynolds) and Descendents Karaoke w/ Special Guest Singers.

Filmag Afterparty

Two years ago we (Vannen) had the honor of co-hosting a FILMAGE party in Los Angeles at Los Globos with our friends at Hi My Name Is Mark, Kings Road Merch and Noisey. ALL played two sets with Chad Price and Scott Reynolds on vocals, and then there was an encore Descendents Karaoke set w/ special guest singers including London May, Marko DeSantis, Ken Stringfellow, Davey Havok, Jim Lindberg, Dennis Lyxzen and a few other nice folks who came out to celebrate. It was a crazy night. Lots of fun was had by everyone in attendance. And now thanks to Felony Records/Felony Films we now have the video to prove it. Watch and enjoy!

FILMAGE After Party w/ ALL & DESCENDENTS Karaoke
Filmed Sat. 9/29/14 at Los Globos Hollywood, CA

01:36 Fair-weather Friend
03:25 Original Me
06:16 Breaking Up
09:08 Worlds On Heroin
11:20 Miranda
14:00 Paper Tiger
16:42 Stalker
20:54 Refrain
23:36 Life On The Road
24:21 ‘Cause
26:54 Million Bucks
29:07 Until I Say So
32:09 Carry You
35:36 Crazy
37:30 DOT
39:34 Can't Say
41:51 Mary
45:21 Carnage
48:03 Cyclops
50:12 Copping Z
54:03 Fool
56:00 Educated Idiot
59:01 Wonder
1:00:47 Scary Sad
1:03:40 Frog
1:06:13 She’s My Ex


1:11:02 Descendents (London May, Samhain)
1:13:20 I Don’t Want To Grow Up (Phi Lo, The Last)
1:15:36 Cheer (Filmage, James, Justin & Deedle)
1:19:44 My Dad Sucks (Scott Reynolds, ALL, Pavers, Goodbye Harry)
1:20:24 I Like Food (Scott Reynolds, ALL, Pavers, Goodbye Harry)
1:21:04 I’m The One (Jen Razavi, Bombpops)
1:24:07 Thank You (Chad Price, ALL, Drag The River, A Vultures Wake)
1:27:31 Get The Time (Marko DeSantis, Sugarcult, w/ Ken Stringfellow (posies)
1:31:26 Hope (Dennis Lyxzén, Refused)
1:33:22 Silly Girl (Dennis Lyxzén, Refused, INVSN, AC4)
1:36:14 Myage (Davey Havoc, AFI, Blaq Audio)
1:38:15 Bikeage (Davey Havoc, AFI, Blaq Audio)
1:41:00 Suburban Home (Jim Lindberg, Pennywise, Wraths, Black Pacific)
1:42:52 I Wanna Be A Bear (Jim Lindberg, Pennywise, Wraths, Black Pacific)
1:44:08 Clean Sheets (Matt Skiba, Alkaline Trio, Blink-182)

Shot on:
Nikon d5100 Stage Left, RighFelony Ron (Wide Right)
Nikon d5100 Sound Booth, Gagg Green (Wide Group)
Canon t5i Stage Left, Mike Fear (Karl Cam)
Canon t5i Stage Right, Tali Winshman (Stephen Cam)
Canon Stage Right, Anthony Hernandez - (Stephen Low Cam)
GoPro Hero 2 (drum cam) (Bill Cam)

Zoom H6N: X/Y Mics at 90°. No xlr inputs used
Adjusted & Edited on FCPX by Felony Ron

On this recording ALL are:
Chad Price - Vocals
Scott Reynolds - Vocals
Karl Alvarez - Bass
Stephen Egerton - Guitar
Bill Stevenson - Drums

On this recording Descendents are:
London May - Vocals
Phi Lo - Vocals
James, Justin & Deedle - Vocals
Scott Reynolds - Vocals
Jen Ravazi - Vocals
Chad Price - Vocals
Marko DeSantis & Ken Stringfellow - Vocals
Dennis Lyxzén - Vocals
Davey Havoc - Vocals
Jim Lindberg - Vocals
Matt Skiba - Vocals
Karl Alvarez - Bass
Stephen Egerton - Guitar
Bill Stevenson - Drums

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Descendents - It’s Not Dead Fest (Coming Soon)
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Drag The River - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3aG9...
Descendents - PRB 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSosX...
ALL - PRB 2014 https://youtu.be/r6ovkt3fVig