February 20, 2017

Vannen Watches 2017 Archive Sale and Fundraiser starts Saturday, February 25th at 9AM Pacific Time.

Vannen Watches 2017 Archive Sale

UPDATE:  VannenWatches.com will look empty Saturday AM before the Archive Sale starts. Don't panic at 8:59am thinking that everything is sold out. Refresh at 9am and everything should show back up... that is unless it sold out within the span of a couple of seconds. Trick Tip: Copy the deep links of the watches you want now, so you can save yourself a few clicks on Saturday. Good luck!

Once a year, Vannen cracks open the archive and releases a handful of rare and sold out watches. Well, it’s that time of year again and we’re happy to announce that our annual archive sale begins Saturday, February 25th at 9AM Pacific Time exclusively at VannenWatches.com.

This will be our biggest archive sale yet, and our most important. Our friend Lalo, who works here at Vannen, was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and we’ll be using this years sale to raise money for his medical expenses. We’re digging deep, but inventory will be super-limited. In some instances there may only be one or two pieces of that design available, so set your alarm and act fast. 

Because this is a special sale, coupon codes will not be honored at checkout. But look on the bright side; you’re getting a second chance to order that watch you were looking for (at it’s original retail price) and you get to help a friend in need. It’s a win-win for everyone.