September 02, 2016

On Sale Now: The Aquabats Special Edition Power Watch!

Hey homies: did you know if you wear The Aquabats Power Watch every day, it’ll make your super powers 9% stronger? What’s that? You don’t have The Aquabats Power Watch!? Lucky you, a fresh batch is now available for pre-order!

Head over to or today and pre-order a Power Watch for just $60. As a bonus, randomly inserted sleeves will come signed by The Aquabats!

The initial offering of The Aquabats Power Watch has already sold out, so we've switched over to taking pre-orders for the next batch of watches arriving the second week of November. Click here to pre-order your Power Watch today.

The Aquabats Power Watch is matte grey with black details and features Lil’ Bat silkscreened on the dial, and super sweet engravings on the back casing and crown. And if you’re exrtra lucky, you might even get a Power Watch sleeve, signed by The Aquabats! 

Click here to order your Power Watch today!