Nobody Wins: A Q&A With Steak Mtn. (Christopher Norris)

November 06, 2013

Steak Mtn. Christopher Norris I Probably Hate You

With the pre-orders now available for our "I Probably Hate You" artist edition watch with Steak Mtn., we caught up with the baby-kicker behind the design and forced him to answer some questions. We wanted our faithful customers to get to know Steak Mtn. in order to truly understand the wretched genius behind the art for bands such as Against Me! and Black Joe Louis. 


1. Kill/Fuck/Marry: Katy Perry, Michelle Obama, Bill Murray
I am unfamiliar with these people.

2. If you could resurrect one dead person just to punch them in the mouth, who would it be?
The very first Norris forefather. 

3. What sappy, sentimental thing secretly makes you get all emotional and weepy?
“...most people never have to face the fact that at the right time and right place, they’re capable of anything.” - John Huston as Noah Cross in CHINATOWN.

4. What's worse: John Lennon dying young, or Paul McCartney's new album?

5. You have 24 hours to live. What is the worst thing you do on your last day alive?
To actually try making a piece of art. 

6. Worst album you've ever heard?
All of them. 

7. Best album you've ever heard?
None of them. 

8. Chocolate or vanilla?

9. How do you take your coffee?
Cherry coke. 

10. Three-word sales pitch for the "I Probably Hate You" Watch?
Orangutan meat, abracadabra. 



There you have it. Pre-order your "I Probably Hate You" watch today and put a little bitterness on your wrist. 

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