November 01, 2013

Vannen & Steak Mtn. Release 'I Probably Hate You' Watch

Vannen Watches Steak Mtn I Probably Hate You

Vannen Watches and Christopher Norris a.k.a. Steak Mtn. have teamed up to bring you a new artist watch that really says it all. The perfect statement piece for those of us who are fed up with wading through oceans of stupidity, "I Probably Hate You" is another shot fired in the war against mediocrity.

Steak Mtn.'s "I Probably Hate You" watch is a spiteful masterpiece; a minimal matte black watch with white text pad-printed on the inside surface of the crystal and Steak Mtn. etchings on the back casing and crown. This timepiece gets right to the point. Filled with the same gleeful malice that is the hallmark of all things Steak Mtn., we asked Christopher to sum up his philosophy behind this watch. Once he stopped laughing and swearing, this is what we got: "How many stupid people do you meet every day? Ten? A hundred? Too many, THAT'S how many stupid people you meet every day. So why not have something to shake in their face and let them know where you stand?"

"I Probably Hate You" is available for pre-order now at for a special pre-sale price of just $55. Pre-ordered "I Probably Hate You" watches will ship the first week of December, and as bonus, each pre-ordered "I Probably Hate You" watch comes with packaging signed by Christopher Norris aka Steak Mtn. This is rare... Norris hardly ever signs his artwork and this pre-order is the ONLY way to get the signed packaging!

Our pre-order supply is very limited. Don't lag or you will miss out. Click HERE to order your "I Probably Hate You" watch today!

If you don't want to pre-order "I Probably Hate You", this timepiece will be available to the general public in mid-late December for $65 without signed packaging. Pre-order now and feed your inner misanthrope with this excellent deal.