FILMAGE: Ticket Lotto Winners Announced plus a Second Sunday Screening Added!

August 21, 2013

Filmage Ticket Lotto Winners Announced!



Thank you to everyone who participated in the Sunday, August 25th FILMAGE Ticket Lotto! Because the response was so overwhelming (thousands of entries) The Art Theatre of Long Beach decided to let us host a SECOND SCREENING of FILMAGE that same day. So that means we now have an 11AM show and a 2PM show. Cool, right? However, that does NOT mean you can choose which screening you want to attend. Considering you all wanted to see FILAMGE at 11am, we didn't see a problem picking your show time / scheduling a few of you for the 2pm screening. Now before you jump down to read over the list of winners, please read EVERYTHING we've listed below. There's some VERY important info here that you need know before showing up on Sunday.

Here's the part that requires your FULL attention:

• If your name is on one of the lists below, you will receive a non-transferable invite via email. If your name is not on one of those lists below; you were not picked to attend a screening. Sorry.

• If your name is on the 11AM list; that means you're going to the 11AM show. We're not moving you to the 2PM show or vice versa. Please don't ask to swap shows. Not going to happen. Sorry.

• Now that we've picked the winners; we're going to send you an invite via email on Friday, August 23rd to register for your tickets. You have to register to get your tickets emailed to you. Its pretty simple procedure… you just have to read the instructions!

• These tickets are NON-TRANSFERABLE. If the name on the ticket, and the picture ID that you're required to bring with you to the the theatre don't match, you don't get in. Non-Transferable means you can't give away or sell your ticket to a friend or have someone else show up in your place. They will not be able to get in. No exceptions!

• Don't share your ticket/registration info with anyone. We'll know if you did, so don't. Worst of all you you'll risk losing your tickets and the opportunity to see FILMAGE.

• Each name listed below wins a pair of tickets to see FILMAGE. Yeah, you and a guest, but not you and two guests. If you bring a third person with you in hopes of squeezing them in, please don't because they won't be getting in.

• Please do not attempt to photograph/record/film any part of the movie. If we see you record or photograph during the movie; you will be escorted out immediately with no option for re-entry.

• No outside food or beverages allowed. Show your gratitude to the theater; just buy some popcorn and snacks inside. Your movie was free, so why not splurge while you're there?

Now that we got THAT out of the way, here's the REAL important stuff:

A lot of people are coming to these two screenings, and we want to get everyone checked in as quickly and smoothly possible. If you follow the guidelines below, you'll be helping make this a pleasurable experience for all.

• Print your tickets at home, and bring them with you along with a valid photo ID. By doing this you'll get into the screening quicker and score some great seats. If you don't bring your tickets, you'll be pulled out of line, and placed into a slower line for people that didn't bring their tickets. That means you wont get into theater quickly or score great seats. You'll probably lose your place in line too. Bummer.

Carpool with your friends or take public transportation. Parking is limited around the theater. If you know someone who also won tickets for the same showtime, please carpool together. If you live in Long Beach, please take a cab, a bus or have someone drop you off. Let's leave the parking spaces for the people carpooling/driving from far away.

Arrive at least an hour before show time. No joke. The turnout for both screenings is going to be crazy. Arrive way early so you can secure your place in line and hopefully score a great seat inside. 

Make donations to the theater. The Art Theater of Long Beach really hooked us up. The fact they let us host one screening of FILMAGE is awesome enough, but now they're giving us a second screening. How great is that!? Show your gratitude, and please make a donation to the theater by clicking HERE.

The Filmmakers will be in attendance. They flew all the way out from Texas to intro both shows and do a Q&A after each screening. They also brought some FILMAGE prints and shirts. Show them some love and buy some stuff!

Thank you again to all of you who participated in the Sunday FILMAGE Lotto ticket giveaway. Congrats to those of you who scored tickets... and our apologies to those of you who did not. We really wish we had more space and time to accommodate everyone, but we don't. Thank you for understanding. Don't feel bad though... I'm sure there will be another screening sometime soon. #foreshadowing


11am Screening Winners

Aroldo Aguilar

Grace aldana

Benjamin Aleman

Nick Aguilar

Heather Akers

David Alarcon

Sal Almaraz

Glinka Alvarado

Seth Anderson

Rick Apodaca

Vincent Apostol

Saul Arredondo

Victoria Asa

Giacomo Asaro

Alexis Axelrod

Yvonne Bacio

Jeff Baer

Megan Balandran

eagle barber

Jayson Barker

Noelle Barreras

Ann-Rene' Bauman

nikki beaman

eric benbow

Nick Benich

Jesse Benson

Jeremy Bonsall

John Bosco

Ryan Boucher

Jason Brady

Trevor Brenden

Byron Brumit

Bryan Bullock

Eddie cairns

Melinda Campbell

Adam Cardon

Jeff Carter

Robert Castaneda

Elena Castro

Cris Cazor

christopher cerullo

Rufo Chan

Jessica Chavolla

nate cintron

Ryan Clough

Justin Colegrove

Vanessa Collins

sean comegys

Matthew Connolly

Anthony Cook

Matthew Cooper

Alexandra Core

Melissa Correa

Steve Cross

johnny cruz

Ana Cruz

Emma Cuevas

Alyssa Curtius

Jesse Dahlquist

Zeleste  Davila

Damien De la Torre

Marie DeGruccio

Jose DeReza

Stephanie Diaz

Ryan Dunaway


Ryan Durr

Kathia Echeverria

Jennifer Eidem

Michael Ellson

Nicholas Enterline

Mario Esquivel

Chris Evans

Deya Farias

Matt Fitzgerald

Tim Floyd

Sean Fortner

Kurt Fuehrer

Joshua Gardner

Victor Gastelum

Amin Ghashghai

chris godoy

mark gonzales

Manuel Gonzalez

Samantha Grasso

Brandon Gutierrez

Cavan Hadley

Ryan Hanley

Douglas Haq

Serena Harned

Naomi Hauff

Adrianna Hensley

Lauren Hewitt

Heidi Hodder

Matthew Hodges

darin holmes

Jason Horton

Jenn Hovik

jason howell

Spencer Hyde

Milan Janicin

Noelle Johnson

Raenie Kane

Chris Kelly

Seanan Kenney

robert koffroth

Seiji Kurauchi

Phillip Lara

Rebeca Levy

Paul Liddle

Jesse Linn

Marvin Loetterle

ryan love

Cynthia Lozano

Amoreena Lucero

Carlos Lungren

Daniel Lyerla

Giovanni Madia

Jeremiah Magan

Mario Mamaril

Adam Marino

Brian Martin

Julie Martins

Jord Mascarenhas

Joel McChristy

Crystal McClure

scott  mcgargill

Joe McMillen

Jesus Medina

Brian  Melville

Noah Mensink

Kevin Miguel

Oscar Miranda

Manuel Mora

Chris  Morgan

James MOrris

ivan munguia

Kyle Murphy

Sara Mussen

Alida Newson

alf norris

Leonard Novotne

William Ochoa

Chryss O'Raidy

Taylor Orrison

Peter otta

Aidan Palacios

Catherine Park

Daniel Partida

Daniel Paz

Hector Perales

David Peralta

Taylor Pesqueira

Steven Pinon

janice pope

Joleena Powell

Crystal Proud

Nohely Quiroz

Alex Ramirez

Bridget  Ransom

Valerie Rhodes

Chelsea Robertson

Julio Rodriguez

Marcus Rubone

Kevin Samera

Beryl Schwartz

Beatrice Shad

Justin Shields

Laurie Steelink

Marcela Such

Henry Ticas

Thomas Underhill

dan vargas

Ever Velasquez

Keith Williams

 2pm Screening Winners

Lee Adams

Noel Aguirre

Marcos Alonzo

doug anderson

Kimberly Atmore

Jason Ball

kelley bates

Denise Borders

Evan Braun

Brent Broza

kenny cabrera

Fernando Caraveo 

Annia Castano

Lydia Chain

Brian Conboy


Angela Costner

victor cuevas

robert davis

Ernest De La Puente

Quiana DeBerry

angelina Deluca

Jennifer Drolet

Mike Durant

Mitchell Dutko

jeff elieson

josh erdhaus

kirk fagan

Mariana Farias

Savanna Ford

George Franck

Jenna Frascati

Cahnie Galletta


Kathleen Garganera

Brandon Garvin

Ivy Gastelum

Keith Gaxiola

Luci Glynn

Luis Gomez

Mike Gray

Stephanie Gray

David Green

John Haley

Heather Hansen

Heidi Hansen

Aric Hanson

Jon Harguindeguy

Chuy Hartman

Tony Hernandez

Wayne Holder

Miguel Hopper

Bridget Jameson

Corey Jarrell

Mathew Katler

Kristina Kelley

Thomas Klein

aaron lane

Rhianna Lawrence

ruben leon

Brandi Logan

Rafael Luna

Ryan Lynch

Kimberlyann Manuel

Ruth Marin

donavon martin

BreAnna Martinez

Miguel martinez

Elizabeth Mays

sean mcdow

Jason Mcguy

casey medart

Matt Medina

mario mejia popper

Johnny Molina

Jon Montgomery

Stephanie Moon

Bradley Morgan

Greg Morrison

Karina Murillo

Ian Nakazawa

Luis Nava

John Nguyen

Matt Nissenbaum

christi november

Daisy Obetsanov

Kimberly O'Hara Nunez

Mary Orchard

Kimberly Ortiz

ignacio oseguera

Dennis Owens

Salvador Oyarzabal

Gabe Papp

Ryan Patterson

Trevor Pawlew

Jazmin Perez

Josefina Perez

Tony Pham

Curt Phillips

kylie phillips

Michael Pinheiro

Liza Pirona

Steve Plotkin

Jennifer Pratt

xochil pulido

Brian Ragusin

Joseline Ramirez

Burton Ramsey

Kamil Rapacz

Maria Rapacz

Wal Rashidi

Kevin Regan

Linda Reneau

Alexander Richardson

Kimberly Rief

jay Riggio

Ryan Robbins

Rashad Robles

Marybel Robles

Matthew Rodarte

Christine Rodriguez

Danny Rodriguez


Jed Ross

brian roteliuk

Donovan Russell

Gina Sage

Alex Salas

Steven Sanderson

Jeremy Sandoval

chelsi schriver

Steve Sedillo

Allen Seligson

Valerie Servin

Erin Shems

Rob Silva

Briana Simpkins

Noel Sixtos Jr


Brian Steinbrenner

Julie Stevens

Jesse Stopnitzky

Lori Stuart

Britnee Tanski

Joe Tellez

Jenifer Thomas

Brook Thompson

Winter Torres

Cao Tri Tran

Carla Trujillo

Ray Trujillo

Breanna Vaca

Emilio Valtierra

Dana VanDemark

Ophni Velasco

Randy Viehmeyer

Bryan Villegas

Amy Vrooman

Stephanie Ward

Mark Warner

patrick weakland

Kara Weaver

Aaron Welsh

dane whalen

Erin White

Drew White

Spencer White

Will Wilson

greg wong

Mike Woods

walter yetman

Jessica Yoshikawa

Laarni Yusi

Daniel Zarate

Derek Zender

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