July 06, 2013

Vannen Artist Watches and Showtime Release Dexter 'Dark Passenger' Artist Watch

Dexter Dark Passenger Watch
Dexter Dark Passenger Artist Watch

Vannen Artist Watches and Showtime have partnered up to bring you a killer new timepiece celebrating the eighth and final season of 'Dexter', the Showtime Original Series about everyone's favorite serial killer. The special edition Dexter "Dark Passenger" artist watch features sleek, original artwork by Ty Mattson depicting fan-favorite moments from all seven seasons of the show… from Dexter's slides to the Trinity Killer's bloodbath, every little detail brings back unforgettable moments from the show.

The packaging for "Dark Passenger" expands on the watches Saul Bass-inspired 60's style artwork, and depicts even more of your favorite moments from the series. If that wasn't cool enough, each piece of Dexter "Dark Passenger" packaging also comes signed by artist Ty Mattson, making it a true collectible for any fan of the show or Mattson's incredible artwork.

"Dark Passenger" retails for just $84.95 and is available now only at Store.Sho.com