April 24, 2013

Descendents "Coffee Time" on sale Friday, April 26th at 9am Pacific Time

We know you're bummed that you missed out on Coachella, but we've got something to cheer you up: we held back a few Descendents "Coffee Time" watches just for you!

Coffee Time goes on sale this Friday, April 26th at 9am (Pacific Time) only at VannenWatches.com

Available for super low price of $60, Coffee Time features coffee-tastic artwork by Descendents artist Chris Shary, with hour/minute/second markings pad printed on the inside of the crystal giving this glorious black and white design some serious pop. Each box comes signed by Chris Shary and one lucky box also contains an original Descendents drawing of his hidden inside. 

We only held back a few Coffee Time watches, so get yours while you can.

See you Friday!