January 15, 2013

Vannen Lucky Bags (01.17.13)

With every Vannen release, we try to do something special. Signed packaging, original artwork randomly inserted in packaging, special giveaways, and anything else we can throw in to make the whole Vannen experience unforgettable. We love giving people the thrill of not knowing what's going to happen next. With this in mind, we're going to offer up something very limited for you, our most loyal fans: a super-limited release of Vannen Lucky Bags!

Each Vannen Lucky Bag is a sealed surprise... you know that you're getting more than you paid for, but who knows what that will be? Unreleased watches, sold out watches, strap sets, t-shirts, and other special surprises will all be part of the Vannen Lucky Bag. In addition to what is listed below, there will also be two additional surprises in every bag!

Inside each Vannen Lucky Bag you'll find:

• 1 Advance Release Vannen Watch
• 1 Mystery Watch
• 1 Mystery T-Shirt
• 1 Mystery Strap Set
• ?????
• ?????

Vannen Lucky Bags will be available for ONE DAY ONLY. Bags go on sale Thursday, January 17th at 6 AM PST / 9 AM EST for $125 and will be available in very limited quantities only at VannenWatches.com

Good luck!