Vannen Archive Sale (12.07)

December 06, 2012

 Here's the exact list of what will be available tomorrow (12.07) during the archive sale.

Supplies are SUPER LIMITED so make sure you act fast.

• Brian Morris: Time Waits For No Man (Variant with Glow in the Dark Hands)
• Chris Ryniak: The Order of Things
• Descendents: Cool To Be You (Signed)
• Descendents: Timeage (Signed)
• Huck Gee: Killing Time (Signed)
• Huck Gee: Lifeime (Signed)
• Junko Mizuno: C irrina (Signed)
• The Wlaking Dead: Walkers! (Signed by Kirkman and Adlard)
• Travis Lampe: Baby Hydras (Variant: Blue Hands)
• Tristan Eaton: Contaminant (Breaking Bad tribute watch)

I'm not sure if we'll have extra strap sets available or not, but please check back tomorrow as we may put some up.

Again coupon codes will not be accepted during the sale, however we did promise you free first class shipping this month, but our new temp site isn't cooperating and letting us do such. To make up for that snafu we'll let you use this 15% Off code (ShipDis15) all month long which would essentially cover your free first class shipping. So if you want to use that tomorrow, feel free. Other than that code there, no other coupon codes will be accepted.

If you have any other question, please post them here.

• McBess: Time Machine (Signed)

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