December News: Archive Sale, Free Shipping, Triple Crown of Yo-Yo watch, Giveaways and more!

November 30, 2012

Here's a breakdown of all the cools stuff we have happening in December.

Triple Crown of Yo-Yo Watch
We've partnered up with our friends at Triple Crown of Yo-Yo and we're putting out an awesome matte grey watch featuring artwork from Chris Ryniak. This watch will be on sale very soon. Maybe next week even. It's super limited, so don't snooze or you will definitely miss out. More info and photos this week. Keep checking back for updates.
Free International First Class Shipping All Month Long.
This is a pretty great deal. However, if you live in a sketchy part of the world that's prone to having your mail stolen or not showing up at all (I'm talking to you Mexico!) please upgrade to International Priority or Express Shipping so you're covered with insurance and tracking. For those of you international folks wondering how that works, you still get First Class Shipping for free; you'll just be paying the difference to upgrade. North America people this is still a good deal for you too, so take advantage of it while you can, but don't do it too close to Christmas or your stuff might not show up on time. 
Archive and Rarities Sale
We're cleaning out the warehouse and putting a few sold out watches on the site for sale. Supplies are SUPER limited… like 1-3 pieces each. So when this thing happens - you better be ready to rock.
Killing Time, Lifetime, Time Machine, Cirrina, Cool to Be You, The Order of Things, Contaminant and the rare glow in the dark Brian Morris Time Waits for Now man watch will all be up for grabs around the middle of the month. This will be a great time to score an awesome Christmas gift for a loved one (or yourself) without paying ridiculous secondary market prices. But because this is a special sale, coupons codes will not be honored. However, we'll still be giving away free first class shipping. Score!
Contests / Giveaways
Like last year we're going to do few surprise Christmas bundle giveaways on Twitter and Facebook. I've got some crazy ideas for the giveaway this year so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for an announcement around the 20th of this month.
If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll get back to you soon.

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"Vannen Watches" - Brian Pretus (PEARS, Bad Operation)

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