October 24, 2012

CMYK Watch Series: Black - On Sale Now!

The next chapter of Vannen Watches continues with an appreciative nod towards graphic designers and printmakers... the CMYK Watch Series. Each timepiece in the series highlights one of the four colors that form the basis of all print design: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black).

The second watch available in the CMYK Series is Key (Black). This beautiful matte black watch features a subtle, glossy black dial design that implies both traditional watch faces as well as a printers registration marks, giving it the simplicity and style to be worn with anything.

With custom etchings on the back casing and crown, each CMYK Series watch continues to capture the quality and detail of a Vannen artist release, but in an open edition and at a lower price point. Designed with the casual collector in mind, Vannen's CMYK series watches retail for only $55, and will remain in continuous production... collect them all at your leisure.

Key (Black) is available now at VannenWatches.com and select retailers.

Click HERE to download the press kit and images for key (black).