October 15, 2012

2012 Designer Toy Award Results

The 2nd Annual Designer Toy Awards was held on October 13th, 2012 (during New York Comic-Con weekend) at the historic Providence NYC, one of New York City's most opulent venues! 

For the second year, the Designer Toy Awards recognized artist, stores, blogs, and companies for their contributions to the designer toy industry. Half the awards were determined by popular vote through the DTA website, and the other half were voted on by a panel of industry experts. 

The trophies themselves are perfect designer toy collectibles, designed by legendary toy artist Pete Fowler and produced by Pretty In Plastic

Full list of winners is below...click on their names for more information about their work, and congratulations to all of the winners and nominees!

Artist of the Year: Chauskosis 
Toy Of The Year: Lilitu by Tara McPherson 
Brand of the Year: Kidrobot
Best Customer: J*RYU 
Best 1/6th Scale Figure: Crazy Children King by Michael Lau 
Best Toy Store: Rotofugi 
Best Sofubi: Debris Japan, RESTORE 
Best Mini-Series: OMFG by October Toys 
Outstanding Production: Nightmare Bed Monster by Amanda Visell x Itokin Park 
Lifetime Achievement: Lev, owner of Toy Tokyo 
Best DIY Platform: Munny by Kidrobot 
Fan Favorite: Wolfgirl by Shea Brittain 
Breakthrough Artist: Lamour Supreme 
Best Collaboration: Wish Come True, Friends With You x Hello Kitty 
Best Self Produced: Ice Scream Man by Brutherford Industries 
Best Collection: Sara Harvey 
Best Toy From A Comic: Deady by Voltaire & Toy2R 
Best Plush Design: Nosellots by Scott Tolleson 
Best Online Store: Rotofugi 
Best Blog: SpankyStokes.com 
Best Licensed Product: Android by Andrew Bell