October 30, 2014

Limited Edition Ghost Artist Watch is SOLD OUT.

Limited Edition Ghost Artist Watch from Vannen

Vannen and Ghost have consulted The Great Adversary, and he has granted us permission to release a new, limited edition GHOST Artist Watch available for pre-order on Friday, October 31st at 9 am PST, only at VannenWatches.com. This watch will be limited to 150 pieces worldwide, and will retail for only $65 each. 

The limited edition GHOST Artist Watch features an unyielding matte black finish with a GHOST and Grucifix lock-up logo design printed on inner surface of the crystal and dial giving the face of the watch the unique depth that Vannen Artist Watches are known for. GHOST watches come randomly assorted with one of five different alchemy symbols engraved on the crown, and Papa Emeritus II engraved on the stainless steel back casing. Each artist watch also includes a GHOST Grucifix lock-up logo sticker exclusive with this release.

Keeping with our tradition of unique extras for the fans, Vannen and Ghost have something delightfully insidious planned for the true believers… a few random watches will ship with packaging sleeves that have been hand-signed by Papa Emeritus II.

Limited Edition Ghost Watch from Vannen