April 25, 2014

Limited Edition Reaper Shirts On Sale Now!

Limited Edition Vannen Reaper T-Shirts

Grab an awesome new Vannen t-shirt at an affordable price, and quit getting burned by trendy brands using poor quality t-shirts. Our super soft, limited edition Reaper shirts are available right now only at VannenWatches.com starting at just $20 each.

We love watches, so we made the watches we wanted to wear. We love t-shirts too, so now we’re making the shirts we want to wear. We’ve seen a lot of really successful brands selling their fans total garbage, and it’s bumming us out. Awesome fans deserve awesome shirts! If you’re tired of spending your money on limited edition shirts that fall apart after one wash, you aren’t the only one; so from here on out Vannen will be producing limited edition apparel at an affordable price.

The new Vannen Reaper shirts are all black, printed on 100% cotton and 50/50 poly-cotton blends with the Reaper logo available in four colors: White, Black, Maroon, and Teal. Each color is limited to only 10 pieces of each size, and even though these are limited we’re selling them for only $20 for sizes Small to XL, and $23 for size 2XL.

The Reaper t-shirts are available now only at VannenWatches.com, while supplies last.

Looking for more photos and info on our limited edition Reaper shirts? Click HERE to download the press kit.