November 27, 2013

Vannen Black Friday Sale, Holiday Mystery Bags and Gift Cards.

Thanksgiving is almost here, and with it comes another Black Friday. We know that traditional Black Friday sales can be a pain in the butt, so we're here to make it as easy as possible for you to pop in and get a great deal on some awesome stuff from Vannen. We'll have a HUGE store-wide sale, a special Holiday Mystery Bag release, and for gift-giving ease we're even releasing Vannen Gift Cards! We've got something for everyone!

Vannen Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale

From midnight on Thursday, November 28th (Pacific Time) until midnight Friday, November 29th, everything at will be on sale. Some discounts will be as much as 60% OFF! No special coupon codes needed. Discounts will be marked on each item online and applied automatically. Simple as that. Please note that no other coupon codes will be accepted during our Black Friday sale. We're giving you way better deals on Black Friday than any possible coupon code we could ever give you, so don't try to apply any additional coupon codes. They'll all be disabled during this sale and will not work.

Vannen Black Friday Sale

Holiday Mystery Bags

The limited edition Lucky Bags we released earlier this year were a huge hit, and we've gotten a lot of requests to do another batch. So for Black Friday, we'll have a special Holiday Mystery Bag for anyone feeling a little adventurous. Think of it as buying yourself a present that's filled with exclusives and lots of surprises! Vannen Holiday Mystery Bags are very limited and will only be available at during our Black Friday sale.

Each Vannen Holiday Mystery Bag will retail for $125, and contain:

1 Special Edition watch created just for this release.
1 Mystery XL Watch released during 2013.
1 Special Edition T-Shirt created just for this release.
1 Mystery Strap Set.
3 Secret Surprises.

Vannen Holiday Mystery Bags are limited and will be available on a first-come, first serve basis. When checking out, please include your shirt size in the memo field. Thank you!

Vannen Black Friday Sale

Gift Cards Now Available

We've had a lot of requests for gift cards, and now we've got them. Available in denominations ranging from $15-$200, these are the perfect gift for that Vannen fan in your life who just can't make up their mind.

We really enjoy this excuse to offer something fantastic for all of our fans, and hope you'll join us on Black Friday for these amazing deals. Thanks for your support. See you soon.