November 06, 2013

Thor: The Dark World Gets A Pair Of Mondo Posters

Thor: The Dark World Loki Mike Mitchell
Just about every major (or at least super cool) blockbuster seems to get its own series of Mondo posters before it's released nowadays, and that trend is continuing this week thanks to Thor: The Dark World's arrival in theaters this Friday. Both Rolling Stone and have debuted first looks at the new movie-inspired artwork - the first putting Tom Hiddleston's Loki in profile; and the second showing the titular hero in a showdown with an alien ship.
Thor: The Dark World Mondo Posters

The Thor: The Dark World poster - which you can get in one of the two variants you see above, was painted by artist Ken Taylor and is 24"x36". The regular version of the print, which is the one on the right side, will only be limited to only 400 copies, with each one costing $50. There will only be 175 prints available of the variant and they will cost $75 each.

The Loki design, which is a smaller 12"x16" size, was illustrated by Mike Mitchell and will be more widely available with a 250 print run. Like the normal Thor print, it will be $50. 

So when will you be able to buy the posters? That remains a bit of a mystery. At some point tomorrow the @MondoNews Twitter account will reveal that the sale has begun - but the exact time will not be specified. If you're really interested in buying one of these posters, I would highly recommend paying strict attention to the account, as it could happen any time. (via)