November 06, 2013

Failure Announce L.A. Reunion Show

Failure Fantastic Planet

Failure are reuniting! Yes, the Fantastic Planet Failure. They've got a show at the El Rey in Los Angeles on February 13, 2014, with the open threat of more gigs, new music, etc. So rejoice, fans of '90s art-rock cult masterpieces and/or people who go to concerts mostly to stare at the guitarists' hands/pedals. This is gonna kick ass.

The L.A. trio debuted in 1992 with the abrasive alt-metal dirge Comfort (Steve Albini produced; the band never cared for it) and found a fuller, bolder Helmet-with-slightly-more-empathy lane on Magnified two years later. But 1996's Fantastic Planet is the almighty jam: a 17-track beast (track 12: "Segue 3"; track 14: "Another Space Song") of guitar-antihero theatrics and studio-as-instrument bummer luxury: It didn't exactly top the charts, but everyone who heard it bought a phaser or 12. As an intro, sample three of Alternative Nation's best-ever power ballads: "The Nurse Who Loved Me," "Blank," or very minor MTV hit "Stuck on You."

From there, they hit Lollapalooza 1997 (the last original year), but broke up soon thereafter: label woes, vague personal acrimony, the usual. The reunion boasts the "classic" Fantastic Planet lineup: frontman Ken Andrews, fellow songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Greg Edwards, and late-arriving drummer Kelli Scott. Andrews in particular had kept busy in the interim, between side projects (ON, Year of the Rabbit) and studio gigs: He mixed the latest record from Paramore, who've covered "Stuck on You." Here, he chats with SPIN about the joys of being a "band's band," the perils of having too much depth, and his dreams of a brighter, larger-font tomorrow. (via)


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