July 12, 2013

Members of Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike, Errortype:11 form new band

During an interview with Alternative Press, Jason Black of Hot Water Music dropped that he's started a new band called UnWed with what some might describe an all-star cast. UnWed consist of Black on bass, HWM tour manager Neltie Penman on vocals, former Errortype:11/Instruction/Mind Over Matter frontman Arty Shepherd on guitar/vocals, Matt Kane on guitar and Jeff Gensterblum (ex-Small Brown Bike) on drums.

"It's good '90s rock," says Black. "I feel like there is a wave of ’90s rock coming back—and I don’t mean Barenaked Ladies or something like that. [We sound like] Hum, Deftones, that kind of stuff; a little of Queens Of The Stone Age vibe going on, too."

Black played us one demo titled "Made Of," and his description isn't far off: It's a thick, grungey song with Penman's female vocals not shying away from competing with the Helmet-esque riff. The song's bridge is when things get really good, though; the interplay between the stutter-stepped rhythm section isn't far off from Black's day job in HWM, and the rest of the band build upon that strong foundation.

"[UnWed] kind of just started when I was writing some songs and trading tapes with Arty, like, 'Hey, do you want to sing on some stuff?'" Black explains. "I had just done a bunch of demos and had planned on moving [to New York City] and I said, 'We should put a band together.' I loved Errortype:11. I hit him up and he put some guitars and stuff on the demo and Neltie and I were like, 'Fuck, this is perfect.'"

If this sounds exciting to you, get ready: "We’re pretty much at the point where we have a record together," Black says. "We’re trying to figure out what’s going to happen with that." (via)