July 08, 2013

Munky King SDCC Releases - Anthony Ausgang, Luke Chueh, Doktor A

Bomb Cat

Bomb Cat dropped many years ago as a limited edition art multiple. Sculpted by Dave Pressler and based on an illustration by Anthony Ausgang for the cover of LA Weekly in 2000, the piece quickly sold out to rave reviews.

Munkey King teamed up with Ausgang and Pressler to refine the sculpt and re-release the figure. The first colorway features an all-black matte finish with gold chain and wick. Cast in resin and only 50 pieces produced, this rare colorway will be available at Munky King's Comic-Con booth, #4851.

Mr. Pumfrey and His Astounding Mechanised Perambulator

Being huge fans of Doktor A's work, Munky King was ecstatic when he agreed to let them produce his toy. Dave Pressler and Pretty in Plastic teamed up for the original sculpt and really captured the intricacies and organic-ness of Mr. Pumfrey and his steed. The finished piece stands 8 inches tall and features a removable Mr. Pumfrey and lots of detailed gadgetry. Clear lenses house the inner gears and organic tentacles flow out of the steampunk cockpit. 

Black and Gold is the theme for the "Autumn Amble" colorway, and this edition of only 100 pieces will be available at SDCC, booth #4851.

Target: Self-Medicated

Target: Self-Medicated began as a Jason Freeny custom of Luke Chueh's Target toy. Munky King turned this awesome collaboration into a limited edition run of 100 that will be available at SDCC 13. To produce Self-Medicated, they painstakingly hand-casted and hand-painted each one to preserve the quality of the original. Plus Luke will add his own touch to the back wall to make each piece unique. 

All three pieces will be available first at 2013 San Diego Comic Con, at Munky King's booth #4851.