July 08, 2013

Budget iPhone Supposedly Leaked By Site Offering Android Knock-Off

Sketchy tech blog Techdy.com (which was only registered in February 2013 and doesn't seem to have had any content before this supposed "leak") has dropped pictures of what is allegedly a plastic-shell, budget version of Apple's iPhone. 

The best part? After giving a thoroughly positive review of the design, they announce that they have an Android clone of this exact phone, available for pre-sale. 

Their site seems to be crushing under the traffic (or it's been taken down), but you can view an archive of the full post here: http://web.archive.org/web/20130707103458/http://blog.techdy.com/

The phone itself looks pretty cool, but the whole thing seems really dodgy. Tech blogs are predictably flipping out, and it's been interesting to watch which ones are so desperately hoping it's true that they're neglecting to mention the sale of the Android knock-off or the fact that the site has no other content. 

iPhone rumors! Woo hoo!