June 17, 2013

Mad Men Q&A - Rich Sommer (Harry Crane)


A&E posted a great Q&A with Rich Sommer, the actor who plays the inimitable TV guru of Sterling Cooper & Partners on Mad Men. Excerpt is below!

Q: Harry is so fashion-forward now. What are your thoughts on his new look?

A: I love it... I think it's indicative of a guy who is keeping up with the people that he's trying to do business with. If you look at that episode where they went to California recently, he certainly fit in at that party better than Don or Roger did. I reap the benefits of it too because it's so ridiculously fun to wear that stuff.

Q: What is it like shooting the California scenes vs. the New York scenes?

A: It's always fun to shoot on location... It was kind of a crappy day. It was sort of rainy. And they somehow, you know, magically made it look like sunny California. All of the background actors were appropriately suited, and it was a fun chance to see those guys in a different place than just Sterling Cooper.

Q: When you're on location, does it change the way you interact with your cast mates?

A: We have all now been working together for going on seven years... And our relationships with each other are pretty solid outside of the show. It's always funny to see how people interact with each other on the show because that sometimes feels foreign knowing what it's like when the cameras aren't rolling. It's a pretty warm group, and there are so few very warm characters on the show. [Laughs]

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