June 13, 2013

Pretty Much Every Single Black Flag Flyer Designed By Raymond Pettibon

Noisey published a great article by Bryan Ray Turcotte, the guy responsible for "Fucked Up + Photocopied", a book that collects punk rock flyer art from 1977 - 1985. Excerpt below, and click through for a look at his full gallery of photos of Black Flag flyers by Raymond Pettibon. 

"These Raymond Pettibon Black Flag flyers have been part of my growing flyer collection since 1982. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and played in a band called the Drab when I was 15. Every weekend my friends and I would jump on the 60 bus out of Los Gatos and make our way into the San Francisco or Berkeley to skate, tear punk flyers off telephone poles, eat burritos and pizza, shoulder tap for beers, and see as many punk shows as possible. In those days we would often be able to get in to any venue using the “group rate” approach. Five people for 20 bucks instead of the usual five or seven bucks per person. It helped us money-wise to be able to see four shows in one night, witch was easy to do back then."

Click through for the full article and image gallery.