May 07, 2013

Q&A - Dennis Lyxzen (Refused)

Dennis Lyxzen Refused

Rolling Stone posted a great Q&A with Dennis Lyxzen, the singer for Refused.  Excerpt is through for the full interview. 

A year ago, you reunited with Refused at Coachella and then kept going.
To get back together and be the most anticipated band of the festival, it was a good year. It was rewarding and we had a great time together. We put out that record [The Shape of Punk to Come] 14 years ago, and no one really got the chance to see us perform that record the way we wanted. It was a cool thing to go out and do it justice.

The fan reaction was intense.
It's always been a bit of a struggle, which I kind of like. I'm not afraid of the hard work: You play a show and by the end people are super excited. So it was very different to go out onstage and the battle was won already. I was not used to that. As soon as the intro was on, it was OK, another night, another victory. It was very special for me.

Was it strange to come back as a huge success?
When we around in the Nineties, we were not a big band at all. We were a semi-big hardcore band in Europe. The last tour we did in 1998, we did eight shows in the States, and there were, like, 40 people at the shows. We played in coffee shops, we played in record stores, in basements. The last show we ever did in 1998 in a basement in Harrisonburg, Virginia, was in front of 45 people – and the next we did in the States was Coachella.

Any idea why it happened?
It's hard to break that down. We broke up just as people discovered the record, which added to the myth. A lot of people never got the chance to see us live, which made people more excited to see us. All those little things you can never calculate.

Full interview here