November 11, 2015

Rick Thorne and Steven Lombardi (AKA Grit) Start New Clothing Company, THORNS and GRIT.

Rick Thorne

In an official statement released earlier today, Rick Thorne has announced that he has left Sullen Clothing to start his own clothing company... THORNS and GRIT. The brand will be run by Rick and artist, Steven Lombardi AKA Grit. The company will focus on creating unique pieces inspired by art, music and that crazy ride called life.

Thorns and Grit: All Shall Be Rad T-shirt

To celebrate the launch of THORNS and GRIT, they’ll be releasing two new pieces:  ’Iggy Pops' (pictured below), and ‘All Shall be Rad” (pictured below). You’ll be able to grab both of these very soon, so be sure to follow RickGrit and Thorns and Grit on Instagram for updates and info upcoming releases.

Thorns and Grit Iggy Pops Shirt