April 20, 2013

Ex-Black Flag Members Play Secret Show At Moose Lodge

Black Flag Secret Show Moose Lodge

In 1979, Black Flag played their first show at Moose Lodge 1873 in Redondo Beach, California. On April 18th, more than 34 years later, Flag – a group comprised of former members Keith Morris (vocals), Chuck Dukowski (bass), Dez Cadena (guitar/vocals) and Bill Stevenson (drums), with Descendents/All guitarist Stephen Egerton – played the same venue to an invite-only crowd of less than 200 people.

Playing without a stage on a rented P.A., with moose antlers as a backdrop, the quintet opened with "Revenge," which found the dreadlocked singer whispering the opening line, "It's not my imagination," before screaming the follow-up, "I've got a gun at my back." From there, Egerton assaulted his clear Dan Armstrong guitar throughout the punishing B chord intro.

Without a pause, the group dove into "Fix Me" and then "Police Story." Before N.W.A.'s "Fuck tha Police" or Body Count's "Cop Killer," there was "Police Story." Penned by Black Flag founder-guitarist-songwriter Greg Ginn (whose own version of latter-day Black Flag begins a world tour in May), the song is a direct attack on authority thanks to the opening lines, "This fucking city/Is run by pigs/They're taking the rights away from/All the kids." The two-minute song produced a slew of middle fingers as Morris passed the microphone to an already-sweaty crowd.

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Black Flag Secret Show Moose Lodge