April 03, 2013

Mike D Feeds Homeless With Free Food Truck

After Hurricane Sandy left tens of thousands of Brooklyn residents without power or heat, Beastie Boys' Mike D wasted no time extending a hand to his beloved hometown. The rapper quietly began a free food truck called the Rockaway Plate Lunch, which it is still in operation today – and has served over 19,000 meals to disadvantaged residents.

As Mike D explains to Good, his gratis food service developed after he and restauranteur Robert McKinley viewed the devasation in the Rockaways, a coastal neighborhood of Brooklyn, shortly after the October storm. "We saw right away all these people living without any power, without any businesses being open and therefore, no food. We saw the immediate need for warm food, but we didn't have time to put together a long-term cohesive plan; we just had to react quickly," he said. "Rob comes from the hotel and restaurant business, and with myself, being involved in a couple of restaurants and just knowing all the friends in that world, we were able to draw on a bunch of these contacts and start bringing food out from restaurants in the city."

We're damn impressed by not only the fact that Mike D spearheaded this, but also that he didn't feel the need to make any noise about it. Read the full article of this fantastic effort by Mike D and his friends over at RollingStone.com.