March 18, 2013

Veronica Mars Kickstarter Raises $3.6 Million

Six years ago, the CW canceled the sleuth drama Veronica Mars, which for three seasons starred Kristen Bell as a modern-day, all-grown-up Nancy Drew solving mysteries in the fictional seaside town of Neptune, California. The series may have been low rated, but is remarkable for the intense passion for all things Mars its fans had, and continue to have. On Wednesday, those fans enjoyed the geek-out of their lives. After six years of dreaming a dream—that their cherished show would one day be revived as a film—creator Rob Thomas announced that the movie version of Veronica Mars was a go. And it’s those very fans he had to thank for it. Using crowd-funding site Kickstarter, they helped raise—in just one day—the $2 million needed to fund the film project.