February 27, 2013

Descendents "I Wasn't Around" T-Shirt Box Set

The Descendents just announced a pre-order for their "I Wasn't Around" 2012 t-shirt box set! Details below!


So what is the set?  The this has every event shirt the band has done since the last set.  That means shirts that either - 1) missed the 2011 set, or 2) happened in 2012 and they were only made in limited quantities sometimes in other countries-are all here.  The shows were:

1. New York Riot Fest – 2012
2. Dallas Riot Fest – 2012
3. Colorado – 2012
4. GV30, Santa Monica – 2011
5. Hevy Music Fastival, London – 2012
6. FPSF, Houston – 2012
7. Japan Bats– 2012 (grey)
8. Japan Godzilla– 2012 (Green)
9. Resurrection Fest, Spain – 2012
10. Chicago Riot Fest – 2012
11. Toronto Riot Fest – 2012
12. Bonus shirt – ???????

This time around, we changed a few of the 12 shirts to make them unique to this set so even if you were there, they’re slightly different. All are on custom tagless shirts and all orders will close March 5.  We are only making what is ordered.  Head over to The Descendents Store and skip the box set and just grab a Bonus Cup.  All good either way.  You don’t even have to buy anything.  We just wanted to make sure you knew.