January 22, 2013

AMC Breaking Bad- Interview with Skinny Pete

AMC posted a quick interview with Charles Baker, the actor who plays one of the most hilarious and yet compelling characters on Breaking Bad....Skinny Pete. 

Q: After five seasons, are you an expert at playing a drug addict?

A: [Laughs] It's challenging -- that's what I love about doing Skinny Pete. However, when I get offers from people saying, "Hey play this druggie character in a show," I now say I want to do something new. I have a five-year-old daughter and a nine-month old son, and at some point I'd like them to be able to watch something I'm in before they're in college!

Q: Do you ever read what people write about the show and your character?

A: I do happen to read the internet message boards for Breaking Bad. After that episode in the beginning of Season 5 people were commenting, "Wow, turns out that guy is actually an actor." I wonder what they thought I was before! When I played that song, Solfeggietto in C minor, on the keyboard, that apparently threw a lot of people for a loop.

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