December 21, 2012

The Walking Dead Showrunner Glen Mazzara Leaves Show

Glen Mazzara, who led AMC's "The Walking Dead" to incredibly high ratings after the departure of showrunner Frank Darabont, has announced that he's leaving the show. 

AMC and Mazzara have both stated that it's a "mutual decision" brought on by a difference in opinion on the long-term direction of the show, and not related at all to any contract or money discussions. Mazarra will finish out the second half of Season 3. 

AMC seems to have a history of problems with showrunners, but at this point The Walking Dead showrunner position is only slightly less cursed than teaching Defense Against The Dark Arts at Hogwarts. There's no word yet on a replacement for Mazzara, and even though we'd all pump our fists in the air and cheer it Robert Kirkman took over it's unlikely he's going to put his writing career on hold to do it. 

We'll update with more details as they are released.