December 19, 2012


One of our favorite characters on The Walking Dead finally met his end this season. T-Dog was the perfect guy to have with you during a zombie apocalypse...calm, collected, efficient, and no drama. So, of course, he got absolutely no love. Everyone bagged on poor T-Dog and finally a damn walker ate him. 

AMC posted a great Q&A with IronE Singleton, the actor who played T-Dog, on the prison, rapping zombies, and more. Excerpt is below, click through for the full interview.

Q: How did you learn that this season would be T-Dog's last?

A: I found out early on. Glen [Mazzara] and I were playing phone tag. I was talking to my wife, thinking Glen is calling me but he's not telling me what it's about -- that's not a good sign. Normally when you call someone, you explain what you want to talk about. But he just kept saying, "IronE, I want to talk to you." Once we had the conversation -- it was probably around Episode 1 -- I was kind of bracing myself for it. It wasn't a crushing blow; I was like, "I understand." And I started to prepare myself.

Q: How did you prepare?

A: This was my season to reflect -- my emotional season. I was thinking of all the good times we had and just relishing the moment and taking it all in, because I knew that it would come to an end shortly.

Click through for the full interview. 

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