December 10, 2012

New Releases from Super7

Super7 has been killing it lately with their releases...from vinyl to custom-tailored flannels made in San Francisco. 

The 3" Holiday Foster figure is a perfectly executed bit of golly-gee-Christmas cuteness that every toy collector can get behind. It's got ice cream and glitter...really, what else can you want for the holidays? Available online for only $25 each

And in a completely unexpected move, Super7 has release a collection of 4 custom-tailored flannel shirts designed to their exact specifications. 

Each piece features tapered sleeves and torso with fitted connections, double yoke layering, single needle French seam stitching throughout, custom saddle, and buttons and wovens in all areas. Made in San Francisco exclusively for Super7, the quality on these appears to be outstanding. The shirts are available at Super7's website for $85 each, and most sizes are still available.