December 03, 2012

Kevin Earl Taylor "Annex" @ Circle Culture Gallery

Kevin Earl Taylor "Annex" @ Circle Culture Gallery

Kevin Earl Taylor's new show, Annex, has opened at Circle Culture Gallery in Germany and it's a stunner. 

From the artist:

Annex explores scenarios created through joining interdependent material. Within these works, human constructed segments fuse with particles of nature and compose new forms. Once formulated, these new visual diagrams invoke hypnotism, trance and worship.
Analogies are drawn to native cultures wherein humans and nature melt together without a trace of division.

Between each nexus, lies the compromise existing to attach isolated elements. I am fascinated with the fiber - the thread, both organic and inanimate that weaves worlds together.

Available works are now listed online at Circle Culture Gallery's website, and you can also visit Kevin's website for studio and progress pictures.