October 14, 2012

Fest 11: Gainesville, FL (10.26 - 10.28)

This year marks the 11th year of Fest, with more than 300 bands playing over 3 days at different 12 venues... and that doesn't even include the after-party shows. A limited number of weekend passes are still available at thefestfl.com. 

If you haven't heard of the FEST, well its  a culmination of bands and friends from all over the world converging for a few days of pure insanity all over the city of Gainesville, FL.

The first FEST took place May 24th and 25th of 2002 and was thought to have gone down in history as the drunkest and rowdiest time ever to be had in Gainesville. It hosted over 60 bands in two days at 6 different venues, free beer from Pabst Blue Ribbon, had a massive late night after show that was mistaken for a riot, watched HAR MAR SUPERSTAR start the largest dance party in his underwear, and was the first time Against Me played to over 100 people.

Bands on this years roster include Braid, Army of Ponch, Propaghandi, Frank Turner, Tim Barry, Tiltwheel, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Lagwagon, Naked Raygun, Baroness, Red Fang, Off with Their Heads, Torche, Valient Thorr, 7 Seconds, F.Y.P., Titus Andronicus, Toys That Kill, Underground Railroad to Candyland, and a whole lot more.

Here's a highlight from FEST 3... a video of Hot Water Music crushing the crowd with "A Flight and A Crash", while dressed as monks and popes.