September 08, 2014

Designer Imagines Bart Simpson in Supreme, Rick Owens and Givenchy

Bart Simpson Wearing Supreme
Bulgarian graphic designer Simeon Georgiev has given Bart Simpson a street-style makeover for High Snobiety. The iconic Matt Groening character carries a skateboard and is decked out in fashion from Supreme, Rick Owens, Givenchy, Represent and Vans. 
Bart Simpson Wearing Supreme, Rick Owens and Givenchy
Georgiev's fascination with street fashion is all the more interesting when you consider that it's only been a couple decades since Bulgaria said goodbye to Communism. For his part, the designer is paying close attention:


"I believe that enhancing your visual culture on a daily basis is the key to staying creative. I’m trying to follow everything related to the arts, fashion, music, videos and even TV shows from around the world. I guess you could say my inspiration is somehow a mix of the hype of the present with roots in the past, which is kind of what streetwear is today."


Simeon Georgiev works in both 3D renderings and 2D illustration, and we trust his talent will land him in his dream job of fashion and art!