September 02, 2014

VIDEO: Trailer for GWAR Documentary Let There Be GWAR

Gwar documentary

"Let There Be GWAR," a documentary about, you guessed it, GWAR, is officially in the works. The film, directed by Don Drakulich and produced by Bob Gorman, details the band's beginnings. Find out how GWAR boldly ignored art school teachers' anti-shlock admonishments and pursued what they were into: "barbarians, outerspace, dinosaurs and people killing each other." Discover why Richmond, VA in the 80s was a great place to run amok as a young artist and how GWAR turned frustration into fantasy.

There's no release date for "Let There Be GWAR" as of yet, but follow the band's 'mission statement'—"Don't talk about it: do it."—and watch this nine-minute trailer now!