August 07, 2014

More Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Eggs Revealed!

Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Eggs

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is like a giant basket of easter eggs. The film is filled with inside jokes, references to characters from the comic books, 1980s shout outs and more. Slashfilm has compiled an exhaustive listing of Guardians of the Galaxy easter eggs, including (possible spoilers teased in the following):

  • Who is Peter Quill’s father? Does Peter Quill’s mother have a relationship with Captain America?
  • The geography of the four revealed Infinity Gems (which stones have been revealed and where are they?)
  • Many Marvel comic book characters you didn’t see appear in Guardians (including a prominent female Krylorian techno-artist)
  • A look at many of the treasures which can be seen inside The Collector’s museum (who or what is in the cocoon?)
  • 8 cameo appearances from filmmakers, actors and even pets revealed (Nathan Fillion and Seth Green, where?)
  • The stars behind the CG characters (who played Rocket on set?)
  • A look at the 1980′s pop culture references in the film (did you know Star-Lord’s ship is named after a 1980′s television star?)
  • How the comic book canon differs from what appeared on screen
  • Funny credits and more
Take a look at /Film’s Guardians of the Galaxy easter egg list (including spoilers!) here.