July 30, 2014

VIDEO: Guardians of the Galaxy End Credits Reveal...***SPOILER ALERT***

Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel has had a long history of including additional sequences in the credits of each film. Sometimes these scenes reveal a major plot development for a future story, and other times they contain comic book universe inside jokes. Marvel has taken to excluding these post credits sequences from press screenings to keep surprises unspoiled, but thanks to a fan with a camera phone, at least one of the Guardians of the Galaxy credits sequences has been revealed. Marvel movies often feature two of these, so go see Guardians of the Galaxy when it opens nationwide on August 1st.



The sequence opens on Benecio del Toro’s character, The Collector, sitting in the room that he occupied at the end of Thor: The Dark World. The dude is beaten up, and Cosmo, the Russian dog, comes over to lick his face. The Collector drinks from a bright green cup, but says nothing. He looks exhausted, and defeated. "What do you let it lick you like that for?" a voice asks from off screen. The camera pans over… and it’s Howard the Duck! "Gross," the duck adds, before drinking from his own, similar cup. The clip ends with the title card, "Howard the Duck created by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik."

Guardians of the Galaxy Howard the Duck