July 30, 2014

VIDEO: Deadpool Movie Leaked Test Footage


Some computer-generated test footage from the eagerly anticipated Deadpool film has been leaked! Created a while back by Culver City-based Blur Studios for 20th Century Fox, the clip features Ryan Reynolds' voice breaking the fourth wall. Deadpool's creator Rob Liefield confirmed the footage's authenticity over Twitter:

<<To ALL who have enjoyed seeing the DP footage, enjoy it for what it is. Tests are done for films all the time and you have glimpsed process.>>

Check out the Deadpool movie test footage below.

In case Fox succeeds at having the leaked clip removed, here's the play-by-play from Mashable:


The clip opens with Deadpool in full red costume and mask, sitting on a highway overpass, while drawing with crayons and singing/swaying along to Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" on a cheap transistor radio marked "Wade" (Wade Wilson is his real name). We get a taste of why Deadpool is called "the Merc with a Mouth" as he smart-asses straight into the camera. That's an important style choice, because as Deadpool readers know, he's the only character to break the fourth wall in the comics: Not only does he talk directly to the reader, but he's often self-referential, spoofing superhero tropes and committing other comic-book no-nos. But that's Deadpool for you. Then Deadpool spots his mark: central casting-type thugs in black vehicles. He jumps several hundred feet to the freeway, below, smashing through the sunroof of a Cadillac Escalade and landing in the middle seat; with a few choice sass-offs to the occupants, the extraordinarily violent ass-kicking begins. One passenger is thrown under the vehicle, another gets his neck snapped. All that's left is the driver. Deadpool yanks the emergency brake, and the vehicle overturns and flips wildly through the air toward a motorcyclist who's clearly part of the cavalcade, because he opens fire on the tumbling vehicle with a machine gun. As it rolls toward the biker, Deadpool's head pops up in the broken sunroof, and he holds up his drawing: It's a childish rendering of Deadpool beheading a motorcyclist with his double swords—a hand-drawn prophecy that then immediately comes true. Deadpool being Deadpool, he can't resist a final comic flourish: The window of the now-stopped vehicle rolls down, and we see the motorcyclist's removed head (helmet included) pop up—Deadpool is using it as a hand-puppet. It's bloody, it's brutal and it's very funny ... exactly what a Deadpool movie should be.