July 23, 2014

SDCC Preview: Grayve and Drüde Toys from Metacrypt (Brian Ewing x Hateball)

Grayve by Metacrypt (Brian Ewing x Hateball)
Metacrypt, the collaborative universe of Brian Ewing and Hateball, returns to San Diego Comic-Con 2014 with two new toy releases.
Grayve by Metacrypt (Brian Ewing x Hateball)
The 6th version of Shub Zeroth [Hextype] {Grayve} (pictured above) is painted by DSKI ONE. Don't miss the premiere release of Metacrypt's Drüdes [Blessedtype] {Blind} (below).
Drude by Metacrypt (Brian Ewing x Hateball)
Brian Ewing and Hateball will be signing the toys on Thursday, July 24th at 1PM at the Lulubell Toys Comic-Con booth #5407. During the rest of the convention, look for Brian in the Donato Arts section at booth #4503, which he promises will be "packed to the gills with original art (including Pearl Jam and Queens of the Stone Age) new prints, patches and long sold out prints I’ve been hoarding just for this con."