April 16, 2014

OBEY Giant's Shepard Fairey Opens New Exhibit, "50 Shades of Black"

OBEY Giant's Shepard Fairey Opens New Exhibit, "NOISE"

Artist and OBEY Giant creator Shepard Fairey opens his new exhibition tonight at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles. "50 Shades of Black" shows the artist bringing a new body of work based on his love of music to the gallery setting in the form of more of his album cover-inspired artwork. Along with original hand painted multiples, there will also be a box set of screen prints available each containing the 50 new designs. Rounding out the show will be part of Fairey’s own record collection as well as customized vintage turntables, all part of a record store installation.

Also available will be a limited edition 7" record from NOISE, a one-off musical project featuring Fairey, Merritt Lear, John Goff, and Joe Cassidy. Only 500 copies will be available, all signed and numbered, for only $10 each at the opening. 

1331 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Opening Reception - Wednesday, April 16th - 8 PM - 11 PM