April 07, 2014

Jeremy Fish - "Hunting Trophies" @ Mark Moore Gallery

Jeremy Fish - "Hunting Trophies" @ Mark Moore Gallery

Mark Moore Gallery is proud to present "Hunting Trophies," an immersive installation and exhibition in Gallery Two of new work by interdisciplinary artist Jeremy Fish. Marking the artist's first solo exhibition with the gallery, this body of work showcases Fish's adept capacity to translate sociopolitical and autobiographical topics into allegorical narratives and imaginative spaces. Much like a raconteur divulging a tale, Fish renders characters and places that allude to a greater fable – but are recounted in whimsical language all his own.


Arrested Motion has some great pictures from the opening reception...head over to ArrestedMotion.com to check them out, or visit the gallery to see the exhibition yourself. 


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