April 02, 2014

Breaking Bad Original Score To Be Released As Double LP

Breaking Bad Original Score To Be Released As Double LP

"Breaking Bad (Original Score From the Television Series)," a double LP featuring the musically cinematic moments of the AMC hit series, will be released on Apr. 29 via SpaceLab9 and Madison Gate Records.

The album packaging will have a gatefold jacket filled with show images, a full-color 18 x 24 poster, and liner notes from composer Dave Porter and showrunner and executive producer Vince Gilligan.

"I'm very pleased to have Volume One of my original score to 'Breaking Bad' made available in a tangible way with this release on vinyl," Porter, who scored all 62 episodes and created the show's theme song, told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement. "Thanks to Madison Gate Records and SpaceLab9. I'm excited to share this release with fans of the show and record enthusiasts looking for a better listening experience than an mp3 could ever offer…a sound much closer to the version that came out of my studio."

The score is currently available for preorder on Amazon. See the full track listing below.
1. Breaking Bad Main Title Theme (extended)
2. Matches in the Pool
3. Smoking Jesse’s Pot
4. Gray Matter
5. The Morning After
6. Three Days Out
7. Vent
8. Baby’s Coming
9. Jane’s Demise
10. The Cousins
11. Hank in Pursuit
12. The Long Walk Alone (Heisenberg’s Theme)
13. Searching for Jesse
14. Aztek
15. Four Corners/Waiting for the End
16. Jesse in Mexico
17. Crawl Space
18. Parking Garage Standoff
19. Cleaning House
20. Disassemble