March 14, 2014

New Artwork By Heather Gabel

New Artwork By Heather Gabel
Heather Gabel, fine artist and merch designer for Alkaline Trio and wife of Laura Jane Grace, has released a few new original collages on her web store. 
From her description:
"I recently found a scrapbook from the 1920's in an attic at an estate sale titled "Pictures of Germany" by Gilbert Johnson. It was mostly empty pages but when coupled with the set of The Illustrated Columbia Encyclopedia from 1969 that I'd also just saved from a future as landfill, it got me thinking about the myriad ways in which time is recorded, compressed, repeated and the relationships we have with that cycling of histories. I started working on a series of visual non linear timelines as a way to explore the very active ways in which we rely on history and an assumed collective understanding of the unstoppable momentum that time has on our existence while simultaneously addressing the power that one has to manipulate and distort something seemingly impossible to penetrate."
These original works are available now for $60 each at