March 11, 2014

Pre-Order Transformers Series 2 by Loyal Subjects

Transformers Series 2 Optimus Prime

The Loyal Subjects have announced Transformers Series 2, featuring a rich cast of Dinobots, Autobots, Decepticons and Insecticons. You should expect to see these robots in disguise on shelves by late May/Early June 2014 for $13 each. You can also have Optimus and friends transform and roll straight to your front door by pre-ordering directly from The Loyal Subjects.


Transformers Series 2 features:


• 8 points of articulation

• Ball jointed

• Includes accessories and signature weapons

• Some assembly required

• Blindbox, Foil Bagged with a Collector's Card

• Chase Figures are 1/16, 1/24 and 1/96

• Commons are usually 2 per case unless a Chase figure upsets the ratio

• Optimus Prime has Three x 3-second Sayings and a Try Me button

• Optimus Prime's battery life is 2 hrs and is not replaceable - about 400 uses.

• Ships late May to early June 2014

• Under License from Hasbro, Inc. 2014

• Designs by Les Schettkoe